The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1988

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 29TH 1988:

  1. I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Minogue
  2. Together Forever – Rick Astley
  3. Naughty Girls Need Love Too – Samantha Fox
  4. Shattered Dreams – Johnny Hates Jazz
  5. One More Try – George Michael

I’m not a big fan of ’80s music. I actually place the music of the 1980s behind the music of the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s. It’s pretty much the 2ND least-favorite decade of my life as far as pop music is concerned. (This current decade is by far the worst.) I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I was simply not happy during much of the 1980s (at least the first-half of it).

I lived in southern England (Gloucestershire) for 2 years from November 1985 to November 1987. During that time I was exposed day and night to the British pop scene, and I pretty much loved every minute of it. I immersed myself in it. It was a refreshing (and radical) change from the American pop scene that I left behind. In 1988 a lot of that great British pop music followed me home stateside, so American radio in 1988 was like a rerun of British radio in 1987. And then the ’90s arrived early – in 1989 – when pop music began changing (for the better).

A week after I compiled the chart above (and the other 35 songs below it – I did personal Top 40 charts back then) – I turned 21 years old. I was ready for “grown-up music” that the ’90s would soon provide. (The ’90s were my favorite decade for music.)

It’s halftime. My weekend blogs continue on Sunday and Monday. In the meantime I’ll be posting more new photos over on my Flickr site (accessible via the web site edition of this blog).


Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day Weekend here in the U.S.A. Some of us will be going on vacation, and some of us have already gotten a head-start on that. It’s the unofficial start of Summertime, and some schools are out for the season. It’s a time for beaches and barbeques. It’s a time to explore this great nation of ours.

Unlike most of our other Federal and otherwise observed holidays this is not a happy holiday. It’s never appropriate to say “Happy Memorial Day”. It is one of our most solemn days of the year – a day to remember and honor those brave military men and women who gave up the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our nation – their lives. We must never forget them. We must always remember the reason for this holiday weekend.

The Major’s Top 10 Hits – Week 66

Every Monday night I post my all-new Top 10 Christian hit music chart based on personal preference. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 20TH 2018:

  1. “The Way (New Horizon)” – Pat Barrett [# 1 last week / 3RD week on chart]
  2. “Do It Again” – Elevation Worship [2 / 3RD]
  3. “What A Friend” – Matt Maher [3 / 9TH]
  4. “Grace Got You” – MercyMe [4 / 7TH]
  5. “No Matter What” – Ryan Stevenson Ft. Bart Millard [5 / 7TH]
  6. “All In” – Matthew West [6 / 3RD]
  7. “The Answer” – Jeremy Camp [- / 1ST]
  8. “Resurrection Power” – Chris Tomlin [9 / 15TH]
  9. “I Just Need U.” – TobyMac [7 / 9TH]
  10. “More Than Anything” – Natalie Grant [- / 1ST]

There’s no change this week to my Top 6, as all of the action starts at # 7. Jeremy Camp follows-up his # 1 smash “Word Of Life” with “The Answer”. A little more than 2 months after my salvation began in 2006 Jeremy was part of the rockin’ soundtrack of the earliest days of my fantastic journey with his track “Tonight”. It peaked at # 18 on my chart back then.

Chris Tomlin’s “Resurrection Power” appears to have just that. It actually rises back up a notch after spending the past 6 weeks in a row stalled at # 9. It’s by far the longest-running smash on my chart in its 15TH week.

Finally Natalie Grant’s “More Than Anything” enters my chart at # 10. If I produced a Top 20 or Top 25 chart every week it would’ve been on my chart for a few months by now. It’s been lurking beyond the Top 10 since pretty much the start of 2018. It’s currently in its 19TH week on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. Sometimes I hear a new song on the radio, and it’s an instant out-of-the-box smash. (See this week’s Top 2.) Sometimes it takes a new song on the radio a few weeks or even a few months to grow on me to the point where I end up humming it over and over again. That’s what I’m finally doing now with “More Than Anything”; therefore, it’s made it into my Top 10 !

This concludes my 4 blogs this weekend. I’ll do it again this upcoming Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I don’t blog on Saturdays. That’s my day of rest. Your likes, follows, and comments are always appreciated. Thank You for being part of my online ministry to win souls for Christ. He is “The Answer”, as He has “Resurrection Power” – “More Than Anything”. Amen.

Sunday Scripture

Our 5-month (May to October) rainy season has begun with a vengeance here in South Florida. We’ve received over a half-foot of rain over the past 7 days, and we could receive even more than that over the next 7 days. We receive from 4 to 5 feet (48 to 60 inches) of rain during a typical rainy season. That’s about 75% of our annual rainfall in just 5 months.

I gave a weather report this morning to my church family during Praise & Worship. It was straight from Psalm 97, and as the Bible says:

The LORD is King !  Let the earth rejoice !  Let the farthest coastlands be glad. Dark clouds surround Him. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. Fire spreads ahead of Him, and burns up all His foes. His lightning flashes out across the world. The earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the LORD – before the LORD of all the earth. The heavens proclaim His righteousness. Every nation sees His glory. Those who worship idols are disgraced – all who brag about their worthless gods – for every god must bow to Him. Jerusalem has heard and rejoiced, and all the towns of Judah are glad because of your justice – O LORD !  For you – O LORD – are supreme over all the earth. You are exalted far above all gods. (Psalm 97:1-9 NLT)

I’m currently working on my 15TH full sermon. It’s titled “Faith & Works”, and it continues my message series on the Book Of James. I’ll be updating my SERMONS page soon with the new entry. Last night I learned all about John The Baptist – or John The Baptizer. He baptized everyone from Jesus Christ Himself to tax collectors all along the banks of the Jordan River. He figures prominently in my new sermon. He believed that baptism was ultimate proof that one was turning from darkness and towards light – God’s light.

Prove by the way you live that you have really turned from your sins and turned to God. (Luke 3:8a NLT)

Have a great week my brothers and sisters online. Go forth and share God’s Good News will all who will listen. Go forth and live your fantastic journey. Go forth and love God and all of His children.

The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1998

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 17TH 1998:

  1. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  2. How’s It Going To Be ? – Third Eye Blind
  3. Heroes – The Wallflowers
  4. I Want You Back – ‘N Sync
  5. Sex And Candy – Marcy Playground

Interesting chart from 20 years ago this weekend. Light rock (less talk) had displaced the late-’90s Eurodance party – at least temporarily.

31 years ago tomorrow – May 19TH 1987 (a Tuesday) – me and a buddy from work (Kelly Brown) ventured from RAF Fairford eastward to London England to see Duran Duran LIVE in concert at historic Wembley Arena. It was part of their worldwide “Strange Behaviour” tour of 1987 that promoted the songs off their “Notorious” album. It was a typical British teen pop concert, and I was right there “teening-out” at the young energetic age of 19 (2½ weeks shy of my 20TH birthday).

My Little Buddy Boots

Today is May 17TH, and this has been a sad day for me for the past 11 years. I’m remembering my little buddy Boots today. He was my best feline friend for 12½ years from New Years Day 1995 (when I adopted him) to May 17TH 2007.

He died on this morning 11 years ago when I had him put to sleep. He was suffering from various diseases during his later years, and he was in agonizing pain at the very end. His doctor said that it was my final good deed for him, and that he probably lived much longer than he should have – due to the love that I provided to him over the years.

Boots was the smartest cat I’ve ever lived with. He waited for me at the front windowsill every afternoon as I returned home from work, and he greeted me at the front door with an endless barrage of meows, purrs, rubs, and bumps. He was confused yet ecstatic when I returned home from work early, and he was upset yet relieved when I was late. He used the sun as his clock. He stared at me often as if he was watching over me. He “protected” me by ensuring that geckos were slammed off the patio screen or pulverized if they made it inside. He slept at the base of my bed as I slept at night. I never had to look for him because he was always near me. He acted more like a dog than a cat. When I talked to him – he responded.

He hated leaving his comfortable home and going to the kennel, but on that final morning in May of 2007 when I placed him in his carrying case it was as if he was thanking me for all of the love and the life he was able to live with me. He was ready for the end. I’ll never forget my little buddy Boots.

Boots On The Couch

The Major’s Top 10 Hits – Week 65

Every Monday night I post my all-new Top 10 Christian hit music chart based on personal preference. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 13TH 2018:

  1. “The Way (New Horizon)” – Pat Barrett [# 7 last week / 2ND week on chart]
  2. “Do It Again” – Elevation Worship [6 / 2ND]
  3. “What A Friend” – Matt Maher [1 / 8TH]
  4. “Grace Got You” – MercyMe [4 / 6TH]
  5. “No Matter What” – Ryan Stevenson Ft. Bart Millard [3 / 6TH]
  6. “All In” – Matthew West [8 / 2ND]
  7. “I Just Need U.” – TobyMac [5 / 8TH]
  8. “Freedom Hymn” – Austin French [2 / 8TH]
  9. “Resurrection Power” – Chris Tomlin [9 / 14TH]
  10. “Walking On Water” – NeedToBreathe [10 / 4TH]

We have a new # 1 smash this week, as Pat Barrett’s debut on this chart becomes the 21ST # 1 hit since its rebirthing Presidents’ Day Weekend of 2017. It’s also 1 of 3 hits this week that were performed LIVE at “Worship Night In America” at the BB&T Center in Sunrise Florida several weekends ago. (“What A Friend” and “Resurrection Power” were the others.) What’s interesting is that Pat Barrett, Matt Maher, and Chris Tomlin all performed all 3 songs together on that glorious night.

Matt Maher’s “What A Friend” only got a single week at # 1. It’s the 3RD song (out of 21) to only spend a single week high atop this chart.

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