My TV Guide Horoscope This Week

It’s the start of a fresh new weekly feature here on this blog !

Even if you are one of those rare Geminis who prefers to avoid the limelight, this week you’ll be up there on the center stage where the whole world can see you. You won’t be short of romantic offers either. Fame has its plus side, it seems.

My 3 Takeaways:

1.  Apparently it is rare for a Gemini to prefer anonymity. I’ve seen Geminis more often described (in other Horoscopes) as introverts and loving their privacy. I’m clearly an introvert; although, I’m much less so in this purpose-driven Life than I ever was in my previous directionless life.

2.  I seriously doubt that I’ll be on any ‘center stage where the whole world can see’ me anytime soon. I didn’t make the cut for this season’s edition of “America’s Got Talent” (starts Tuesday June 17TH on NBC-TV).

3.  I can’t handle romantic offers. I’m 41 and single and my life is littered with over 30 years of widely-scattered failed relationships.


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